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    So my phone running CM 10.1.3 RC2, turned off randomly. So I tried to reboot but kept getting stuck on the Samsung boot logo. I rebooted to CWM recovery mode, wiped cache and dalvik and rebooted which I thought would fix the problem somehow which it did. However, when it said "Android upgrading", my phone lost battery (thought the phone charger was plugged in). When I plugged it in the outlet it used to bring me to the battery charging logo but after I tried turning it on afterwards, it refused. The phone doesn't respond when I tried to turn it on and when I plug it into the outlet, there is no battery indicator. How can I fix this? Somehow, the phone might be trying to continue to turn on but is not responding when I try to actually turn it on.
    09-13-2013 10:52 PM

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