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    My daughter's S III is having serious issues with the stock text messaging app. After a reboot, it will detect new SMS and will open and show them. But when she tries to send, sometimes it will go, sometimes it won't. When it won't, and she tries to do anything else within the app, it will freeze the phone then eventually force close. After that the only way to fix it is to reboot the phone. Getting a replacement phone is likely out of the question due to supply issues. A factory reset might work, but she had all her contacts imported from her old EVO at the Sprint Store when she had it activated. I had her install Handcent SMS, but the same thing happens within that app. Any suggestions?
    06-22-2012 07:53 AM
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    I can help you with the crashing but the first thing any Android user should do is import all your contacts to your Gmail account and also make sure to add all new contacts to gmail as well. You can do this from the contacts app, it usually involves exporting the contacts to the sd card and then importing them to the gmail account. After that try a factory reset and see if this cures your messaging issue.

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    06-22-2012 08:36 AM
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    Update: turns out my daughter also had all her old SMS conversations from her EVO transferred over at activation. It was so much data that it was bogging down the app. She deleted a lot of it and the app has stopped crashing and stalling #knockonwood.
    06-22-2012 12:27 PM
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    An odd SMS related thing that I've only noticed on CDMA phones, but have noticed it on all builds of android from 1.5 through ICS, is if you send a text at the same second the phone is polling the tower and receiving an incomming text, your outbound text will fail to send. You can longpress and resend it and it goes. The problem is i know some people that send like 100 texts a minute (annoying) so in a 5 minute convo i might have 10 texts that failed to send. Not a show stopper, just annoying is all.

    Also, to help with SMS MMS data usage android has built in limits you can set where the phone will purge old messages (usually inside the SMS app hit menu and look in settings). For those who like to save all their messages you could use an app to backup messages and some like SMS backup + (free from play store) backup to your gmail account for easy access later.
    06-22-2012 12:45 PM
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    My boyfriend's phone is having this same issue. However, he didn't transfer anything over from his Evo. We just deleted all the threads in the messaging app to see if this will help. If it doesn't, are there any suggestions? Would rather not do a factory reset...
    07-05-2012 09:25 AM
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    I was having the same issue right after I imported all of my old text messages from my Evo (about 6000).

    It froze the messenger and crashed several times.
    I deleted a few conversations and the issue appears to have fixed itself.
    07-05-2012 10:17 AM
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    how do u delete conversations if cant get into stock messaging app
    07-28-2012 10:32 PM
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    I had around 60000 texts on my GS2, that really bogged it down, but it didn't totally crash.

    Yeah I think the only way to delete them is to be in the app, other than that, you might have to do a hard reset and start from scratch.
    07-29-2012 04:42 AM
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    I have the same problem on my note 2 with jealybean
    10-23-2012 01:05 PM
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    Hi everyone,

    I had the same problem with my Samsung S3. I did a factory reset and it was okay again. However, the problem came back. This time round I installed an App called Handsent. It's another messenger App. It not only replaced my default messenger but also miraculously fixed it!
    11-26-2012 11:03 AM
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    You might want to try GO SMS Pro. It's free and is extremely customizable.

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    11-26-2012 02:13 PM
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    Mine is doing the same thing.....REALLY ANNOYING!!!
    12-24-2012 07:49 PM
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    You might want to try GO SMS Pro. It's free and is extremely customizable.

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    I like gosms as well. I hate bubble style sms and go gives me the the conversation style list that I like. It also gives me the option Rom make it match any color them I want so I can make it match the themed roms I prefer to run on my phone. I absolutely abhor the stock look.
    12-24-2012 08:58 PM
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    01-27-2013 02:56 PM
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    What is Flight Mod, and why did you repeat yourself?
    01-28-2013 11:26 AM
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    hello. i have a question. why cant i open my messenger in my phone? i already uninstall/install it but it doesnt work. i already format my phone but it did the same way again. what should i do? it says "unfortunately,messenger has stopped". thank you.
    01-14-2016 05:33 AM
  17. Larry N Cheryl Fletcher's Avatar
    Messenger is crashed on my samsung galaxy 10 tablet. Help!!
    05-04-2016 08:25 PM