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    So, it hadn't really dawned on me initially (because I'm in the Portland area, which isn't due for the LTE launch for awhile yet), but today I noticed there is no radio button devoted to the 4G LTE radio on this phone. There is "Mobile Data", but I assume that to be all-inclusive. Anyone know A) Why there is no 4G button, and B) is there an ability to toggle it somewhere buried in a menu somewhere? I can imagine that, as one of many users in an area that does not yet have LTE with Sprint's network, that if the Mobile Data radio includes both 3G and 4G LTE, that it would have a profound impact on battery life, searching for that LTE signal.
    07-02-2012 05:39 PM
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    Settings -> More Settings (under wireless and network) -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode. I believe the default is CDMA only. You can change it to CDMA/LTE and it requires a phone reset. I don't believe there's a 4G toggle anymore. The "Sprint Automatic Connections" will determine whether or not there's 4G available and connect automatically (if selected). Of course it will also randomly turn your WiFi radio on...
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    07-02-2012 05:46 PM