05-07-2013 08:38 PM
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  1. turp415's Avatar
    I use the airrave and have zero issues at all. It all works great for me.

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    01-07-2013 02:19 AM
  2. Skunkape60's Avatar
    I use the airrave and have zero issues at all. It all works great for me.

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    Same here...
    01-07-2013 06:31 AM
  3. bdmridgback's Avatar
    Yep...wife and I both have GS3's and on an Airave as well with no issues!

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    01-07-2013 09:43 PM
  4. thesheepdog's Avatar
    Iphone 4 and SG3 and both connect fine. Was at zero signal and now full rack. It does go to nothing every so often tho. I never know why. It almost always comes back to full bars if I do something like text or make a call. For me Arave is the only way to have a signal in my house.
    01-09-2013 05:18 PM
  5. archangel849's Avatar
    I too have an Airave. Started having issues with the unit. Sometimes it would connect and other times not. I was using the 2.0 version. Called Sprint and they sent the new 2.5 version. I've had no issue sense.

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    01-11-2013 03:19 PM
  6. McPlot's Avatar
    I have one with the S3 as well. Most of the time it does not connect to it without resetting the phone. I have had 3 S3's the now. See my post about dropping the phone over and over to see why. All 3 do the same thing. I called Sprint and they put me in touch with 1 of their Airave specialist who told me it was a known issue with the Airave and certain phones. The S3 being one of them and was not likely to ever get fixed as it is an issue with the Airave itself and the company that makes it is not likely to correct it. I have not pursued the issue pass this as my connection has improved. I think the colder weather helps. Network Vision was done in my area early (but no 4g LTE) last year but did not improve the connection at that time. I have 4 lines on my account and only the S3 has the issue.

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    01-13-2013 12:44 AM
  7. cokl's Avatar
    i was having a similar problem with my brand new galaxy s4. i called sprint customer service and the helpful woman had me type in ##77xxx# (the x's were actually numbers but i dont think you should be doing it without talking with sprint first) she said that it was because my phone was brand new it needed some extra attention to get on the airave properly. now it works just fine. thanks mystery lady from sprint who was very sweet, you made my night!
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    05-07-2013 08:38 PM
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