1. Seven_Speed's Avatar
    OK the title say's it all. when Google maps updated, i lost my widget for lattitude ,,,,whats going on? im i missing something.
    08-16-2012 11:08 PM
  2. mobdad's Avatar
    I don't have the widget but my Latitude app is alive and kicking, and I have the latest update of Google Maps.
    08-17-2012 12:05 AM
  3. Seven_Speed's Avatar
    yeah my lattitude works but no more widget . i use it cuz its convenient
    08-17-2012 01:45 AM
  4. mc_gusto's Avatar
    Yeah its gone. Sucks.

    Location history got a nice update though. Looks googlenowish. And in latitude you can now turn off logging from tablets in case you don't bring it with you everywhere.
    08-17-2012 04:13 AM
  5. Kurt K's Avatar
    After the last update (6.10.0) my Latitude widget disappeared from my desktop and is no longer in the list of widgets. Droid RAZR / ICS
    08-18-2012 11:00 AM
  6. Mandabar's Avatar
    Google has removed it, and feel it is only worth a one line edit. A "Oh, BTW We took that out. . Do it a different way that involves 20 or more seconds and 7 clicks. And oh we don't believe in one of the main points of our OS is the Widget, the ability to get info from an app w/o running that app"

    Google Groups
    10-02-2012 03:45 PM
  7. dad2noah's Avatar
    I'm rooted, using WS ROM. So I have google now....
    Last night, I was searching for my prescription for the info I need to refill it from CVS.
    I asked my wife "Have you seen my prescription refill slip from CVS?"
    She said no.
    Today, I flipped on google now, and there's directions to CVS in the navigation card.
    True story, I swear to God.
    I'm still a little freaked out truth be told.
    (and no, I had not google searched anything to do with cvs, from any device)
    10-02-2012 06:02 PM
  8. ihbsbA's Avatar
    LOL are you sure you hadn't pushed the Google Now button before you started asking your wife that question?

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    10-13-2012 07:03 PM
  9. pre1561's Avatar
    I don't miss my latitude, Gmaps is a lot better.

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    10-14-2012 09:58 AM