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    1 root your phone
    2 have clockworkmode install you will need it
    3 download es file explorer from the market
    3 open es file explorer and hit menu go to setting, your will be changing 5 options
    scroll down to Home Directory click on it and erase " sdcard/ " you should only have CURRENT DIRECTORY:/

    than hit back arrow scrooll down to UP TO ROOT check that

    than scroll to ROOT SETTINGS check everything under that all 3 boxes should be ticked
    ROOT EXPLORER should be ticked
    MOUNT FILE SYSTEM should be ticked grant superuser access
    BACKUP SYSTEM APPS should be ticked

    4 download my attach APN file and place it into your sdcard
    5 open es file explorer and navigate to /mnt/extsdcard/

    this should be where you place my file you downloaded
    place your finger on it and hold it there till you get a MENU select copy

    6 hit back arrow twice to navigate back to the main home directory once your there go to /system/etc/
    and past the file it will ask you are you sure or to confirm your chose to overwrite the existing file click OK

    7 go into clockworkmod recovery wipe cache partition and click advance fix permissions than roboot system now

    8 once rebooted go to the dialpad enter ##3282# click on edit enter your MSL/SPC code

    (if you dont know it download Connectbot NOT THE ssh-AGENT ONE In the small dropdown box on the bottom left that says SSH, click and choose local. Type whatever in the nickname box. Click on DONE
    Use the command exactly as i wrote it with the caps in the same spots getprop ril.MSL and hit enter.
    Your MSL number should show up if that does not work reboot and try again because it did not work for me the first few times

    9 go to OTHER ------ MMSC URL click in the box erase it and type in http://mm.myboostmobile.com click OK than hit home

    you are done if it doesnt work reboot and try again
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    08-26-2012 02:56 AM
  2. palmpreboss's Avatar
    how does the phone work on boost
    08-26-2012 02:40 PM
  3. blackmeat4u's Avatar
    the plhone works great its the same network sprint is boost and boost is sprint everything works just as well as the one on sprint for 40 dollars less
    08-26-2012 09:16 PM
  4. palmpreboss's Avatar
    i kno there the same network i was jus wondering if everything worked because boost is on wimax and the s3 is lte
    08-28-2012 04:17 PM
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    How would i do this for metropcs? Does anyone have a working apn for metro?
    01-19-2013 09:38 PM