01-05-2018 09:38 PM
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  1. sherrypyye1's Avatar
    I took my battery out for a few minutes and put it back in and it fixed the problem.
    05-18-2015 01:28 PM
  2. merfalerfosaurus's Avatar
    In settings there is a "motion" option. Open that, and turn it off. I just figured this out, and it fixed all of my frustrating problems with pictures. I hope this helps everyone else good luck! =)
    How did you get to that? I have an LG V10 and am having the same issue. Couldn't find a motion setting in my camera settings
    04-12-2016 08:11 PM
  3. BertoSGN8's Avatar
    I got a Note 8 with the exact same problem. Don't see a motion setting in the camera and obviously can't remove the battery to rest. What are my options?
    Currently the only way I can post a photo and it show up correctly is to edit the photo, I rotate the photo to the wrong orientation, save, then re edit the new copy back to the original orientation and it will post how it's supposed to. But that's annoying af.
    01-05-2018 09:38 PM
28 12

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