01-17-2018 03:41 AM
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  1. GSDer's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem but my service is not on so I cannot dial the number. Is there any way to shut it off without service?
    If you drag-down from the Status bar and then select the icon in the upper right corner you should see all of the available Quick Toggles - 'Power saving' should be one of them; you can turn it off that way.

    Sent from my rooted, debloated, deodexed Sinclair ZX-80 running CM -0.001 using Tapatalk
    06-15-2014 06:53 PM
  2. connectcase's Avatar
    Does this only apply to Samsung phones?

    I seem to have the same problem on my UMI, but dialing *#0011# does not work. Any other way to access ServiceMode?
    08-07-2015 04:55 PM
  3. sbjforumman's Avatar
    thank you
    08-07-2015 07:03 PM
  4. Osama Abbasi's Avatar
    That's odd. I just ran four tests, two with PSM off, then two with PSM on, and got essentially identical results using Speedtest. Did you run your tests with a low battery? Maybe the powersave mode kicks in when the battery reaches a certain level.

    Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any way to change the setting permanently.
    I get huge battery drain on my sprint note edge with psm off on lollipop. But if i don't turn it off my phone won't recognize incoming whatsapp messages unless i turn the screen on. Any suggestions?
    04-19-2016 04:38 AM
  5. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Well, as far as battery drain I'd suggest booting into safe mode for a while and see if you still have the drain issue. Safe Mode disables 3rd party apps, so if your battery life gets better it's down to something you've installed. If that's the case, my suggestion would be to factory reset, and install only a couple of apps. If everything is still good, install a couple of more. Then a couple of more, untill you find whatever is causing drain.
    04-19-2016 03:37 PM
  6. JANARANJANA's Avatar
    i've got a galaxy J7 and I'm facing this wi fi problem. then i went to servicemode and selected wi fi. but in wi fi, there is no any ON, OFF button. please can you tell me what should i do...
    10-02-2016 04:29 AM
  7. zezeljsrdjan's Avatar
    You just save 300$ to me!
    10-19-2016 04:13 PM
  8. Al3nieto's Avatar
    in Samsung G Mega 6.3 the menu where wifi appears is not abalable. please help

    sorry for my english i´m from Cuba
    01-14-2017 01:55 AM
  9. et-samsung's Avatar
    Hi Almeuit
    I followed your steps. Unfortunately, I can find "WIFI" on the Service Mode. i only have END, Back, Key input, Select and Help.
    I am having problems with WIFI, it can't turn on.
    Appreciate your help. Thanks
    01-17-2018 03:41 AM
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