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    I've noticed when I upgraded to Jelly Bean that whenever I get a new Yahoo Mail message the notification in Jelly Bean shows -1 for the number. My Gmail shows the actual number of new e-mails I have. I've tried clearing the Yahoo Mail Apps cache, deleting the yahoo mail app, resetting the phone, and reinstalling the yahoo mail app, but it still does the same thing. Is it because the count on the top of the app window has (1) and it takes it as a negative number? My wife claims her S3 doesn't do it, and she is running Jelly Bean too, although I haven't seen it myself. Below is a screenshot of what it does. Any ideas on how to fix it are appreciated.
    Attached Thumbnails Yahoo Mail Shows -1 in the notifications-yahoo-mail-screenshot.png  
    11-19-2012 10:52 PM

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