1. Rcrdude64's Avatar
    Any idea on why it doesn't display signal strength after a certain point? I'm at work and the signal is perfect everywhere except the break room. Stock JB if that helps.

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    11-20-2012 11:21 AM
  2. tat21985's Avatar
    I haven't been able to find an answer for this either.. At first, I thought it was because I keep wifi on all the time, as I work from home, but I notice there are gaps in between the mobile network signal even while on 3G, and I never lose signal.. Does anyone have an explanation?
    11-20-2012 11:56 AM
  3. Rcrdude64's Avatar
    I still can't figure out whay does it. There's nothing special about the time where these gaps are appearing. I'm not experiencing signal loss at all. I'm confused.

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    11-20-2012 03:04 PM
  4. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    The gaps in signal are an indication of low to no signal.
    If you look at his screen shot it shows he has 1 bar.
    On mine i have noticed full signal i get green on the lower indicator, then in between signal i get yellow or grey.. what ever color that is.
    very low signal or no signal is black.
    Im willing to bet if he moves the phone back to full signal green will start showing up.
    11-20-2012 03:54 PM
  5. Rcrdude64's Avatar
    Thaaaat might explain it. Thanks. I actually didn't realize how bad the signal was where I was.

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    11-20-2012 04:04 PM

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