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    Ok...I've had my S3 since late August and have always been able to connect to the internet. No problems with staying connected either. The problem is that no other devices can use the internet at my house when I'm connected. If I'm using wifi on my phone every other device that is connected loses wifi connection and won't reestablish until after I turn wifi off. I've turned wifi off on my phone and connected every wifi enabled device in the house and they all work fine so I can rule out the router. Its my freaking phone for some reason. For example I turn on wifi last weekend just to see if the problem went away on it is own. So my son is watching netflix on the 360 and all of a sudden netflix loses connection. I think maybe its a coincidence, turn off wifi on my phone and the 360 connects again. Turn on wifi on my phone, the 360 loses connection. Also, its a vizio dual band router. And I have tried switching band on the phone but that doesn't work. On a side note I haven't tried using someone elses wifi to try and see if I can replicate the issue.
    11-20-2012 01:15 PM
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    Maybe your phone is stealing the ip address from your other devices....ive hsd that happen with my evo where my comp wont connect to internet because my phone adopted the ip address that my comp usually uses....just a theory

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    11-21-2012 09:51 AM
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    It is not likely the phone and more likely your router. Do a hard reset on it, then set it up again (of course). That will fix the issue. Unless you manually set up the phone statically for the IP address and not dynamic. Then entered in the IP address that your modem gives your router into the phone. In that case, what you did was confused the modem. The modem is set to give one device connection to the internet. That device should be your router. The router then uses the 1 IP address given to it and shares it with all the devices (yes, it is more technical then that but just go with me here). So the modem does not know there is more then one device connected. But if you set your phone to use the ip that the modem gives the router, the modem then sees your device as the device that it allows online killing the access for your router. This in turn, kills the access for all the other devices in your home. So you should leave your phone set to dynamic if you changed it. If not, the router can cause a similar issue that can take hours to correct, or 5 minutes by hard resetting the router then setting it up again.

    Damn auto correct. You always end up posting some thong you didn't Nintendo.
    11-21-2012 09:36 PM

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