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    Just got my new GS3 today (came from an HTC Evo). I regularly (daily) send text messages to a group with 26 people. It is a necessary part of my job.
    It was obvious when I went to send a text that you can only select my text is sent to only 10 contacts in my group. (which, by the way, really sucks)

    I loaded Go SMS and sent the same text to the 26 person group. Even Go SMS only sent the message to the first 10 people. The forum reading I had done said Go SMS would be able to send to a larger group.

    What am I missing? The fact that even Go SMS only sent to 10, made me think I have an option unchecked in my phone that is limiting me.

    I would greatly appreciate help or advice on (1) fixing Stock Messaging or (2) finding an app that will text to more than 10 contacts at ONE time.

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    11-30-2012 07:20 PM
  2. EivaEmil's Avatar
    I was wondering about the same thing!

    there has to be a way to send more than 10 messages..
    12-03-2012 04:38 AM
  3. clavodulce16's Avatar
    download handcent. very popular messaging app which allows group msg
    12-03-2012 08:47 AM
  4. Jaggrey's Avatar
    I use an app called Groupy which works fantastic for me. I've used it on every Android phone I've had going back to the Epic and it works without issue. I send group texts daily ranging from 20-160 people. Only catch is (as far as I know) it will only do up to the 160 character limit. It lets you go over but I don't think it sends properly.

    Sent from my EVO 4G LTE
    12-03-2012 10:27 AM

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