1. Mitri360's Avatar
    The problem I'm having is that whenever I get Text notification it wakes my screen. I'm using the default messenger. I don't want it to do that but I can't figure out how to stop it. Is there any way?

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    01-24-2013 12:01 AM
  2. ovdevil's Avatar
    Turn off the notification in settings.
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    01-24-2013 07:36 AM
  3. Mitri360's Avatar
    That did nothing. The screen still wakes.

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    01-27-2013 11:07 PM
  4. ihbsbA's Avatar
    That did nothing. The screen still wakes.

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    Sounds like you have another app installed that is turning your screen on when you receive a message.

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    01-28-2013 07:18 PM
  5. ovdevil's Avatar
    That did nothing. The screen still wakes.

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    Did you go to the settings in the messaging app? Mine is turned off and my screen does not turn on

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    01-28-2013 07:53 PM
  6. HULKchampion's Avatar
    I have the same issue. Haven't a clue how to turn off the screen waking up from a text message. How do you turn that off? The text message application (stock), which boxes are check? I don't see anything mentioning about screen waking up.
    01-29-2013 03:14 AM
  7. ovdevil's Avatar
    In the stock app settings go to the notification settings and uncheck the box to receive notifications.

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    01-29-2013 07:11 AM
  8. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Hulk and MItri: what 3rd party apps do you have installed? I don't think the stock messaging app, by itself, works this way.
    01-29-2013 09:00 AM
  9. HULKchampion's Avatar
    I don't have any third party application installed for texting or anything. I'm bone stock.

    If it isn't to much trouble. Could you screen shot what you are mentioning.
    01-29-2013 10:36 AM
  10. Mitri360's Avatar
    I am the same. No external texting or notification apps.

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    02-04-2013 07:17 PM
  11. gnr_2's Avatar
    Do you happen to be using Light Flow?

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    02-11-2013 09:55 PM
  12. Mitri360's Avatar

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    02-18-2013 12:36 AM
  13. matt3166's Avatar
    Do you have the preview option checked in the notifications settings? If the phone is showing you a preview of the message it will turn on the phone
    02-18-2013 02:40 AM
  14. anon(848791)'s Avatar
    this setting is not present on stock phones. the phone must be rooted and original messanging application must be modified. I used to have this one on the LJ (whatever the last Jb version was), but after a hard reset, the mods on MA6 do not work.

    here is a thread about it on XDA: [MOD/HOW-TO] Disable screen-on when receiving SMS Messages. Updated for Jelly Bean - xda-developers
    02-18-2013 09:28 PM
  15. HULKchampion's Avatar
    Damn, that sucks. I need to be rooted to get rid of "screen on" notification. Why are other phone users not having this issue and they're bone stock too?
    02-20-2013 03:09 AM
  16. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    You should be able to get ride of the pop-ups, without rooting, but using Handcent or another SMS app. Handcent (and others) are free, so give one of these apps a try. Make sure to turn off all notifications in the stock messaging app.
    02-20-2013 09:28 AM
  17. anon(848791)'s Avatar
    anyone who can turn off their screen with MA6 update, can you please post the SecMMS.apk file.

    02-20-2013 05:19 PM

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