1. soulgood's Avatar
    hi all
    this is my first post and wanted to be able to hear thw sounds from a site.
    i can hear the sounds on my pc but not from my phone?....
    please help
    02-25-2013 03:56 PM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Can you link to an example of where the sounds don't work?

    We're happy to try to help, but can only help if you give us enough information to work with.
    02-25-2013 06:37 PM
  3. soulgood's Avatar
    The link is
    Thx for the help family.
    02-25-2013 10:20 PM
  4. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    I clicked on the video of Erika David doing the cover of Call Me Maybe and can hear the music. Ditto for the video at the top of the page of the band playing.

    Do you have the media volume turned up? While the video is playing, hit the volume up button a few times and see what happens.

    Oops, wrong site, maybe. That was soulgoodmusic.com.au.

    It looks like soulgoodmusic.com (not .au) is using Adobe Flash, which isn't supported by Android any more, or by the stock browser. Some third party browers (Firefox, Dolphin (I think)) support Flash, but you'll have to download and install it from Adobe's web site. Let me see if I can find a link.

    This should help: How to manually install Adobe Flash Player on your Android device | Android Central
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    02-25-2013 10:34 PM
  5. soulgood's Avatar
    Just let me say......
    My HTC EVO I thought supported the site and i thought my SAMSUNG S3 would also.
    But lets see if this works! ......
    03-09-2013 11:21 PM
  6. soulgood's Avatar
    YoU ROCK!,
    Thanks sooO much!
    It works.
    Do you if they will ever have this in any updates?
    03-13-2013 08:03 PM
  7. Lanhoj's Avatar
    Do you if they will ever have this in any updates?
    You mean will Adobe support it?
    Nope, you'll likely always need to manually install Flash, unfortunately since Adobe has said they no longer support new mobile browsers & devices.
    It's ok though, sideloading is easy.
    03-13-2013 08:06 PM
  8. soulgood's Avatar
    Hello 2u sir,
    It has been a while but I need to do this allover again for my "S5" now
    Please Help me! I think that the areas where I downloaded are gone?
    Please advise

    Posted via Android Central App
    05-28-2014 08:50 PM

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