1. mshdroid's Avatar
    I rooted my Galaxy S3 and I can finally play songs from my external SD onto my Kenwood's USB port but I have one problem. I can't choose the songs I want to play from my phone. It would make it a lot easier. It's kind of annoying having to sit there pressing "next" on the car stereo player to choose a song. Anybody have a solution? Thanks in advance.
    03-19-2013 06:02 PM
  2. Trees's Avatar
    While my music is stored on my internal SD card, I have the same limitations as do you for USB playback. I have a Sony stereo. One possible way around this is to use an Auxilliary connection from the S3 to your stereo (if your's has an Auxilliary jack). Challenge there is that the audio quality is limited compared to USB as I have to dial up the volume way more than with USB. The benefit from Auxilliary is that you can use the phone music player to control songs, but not safe to do when driving.

    I'm sticking with USB to be safe, and get the added power charging benefit while connected.
    03-19-2013 06:34 PM
  3. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Most USB ports on car stereos, I think, are geared to do one (or both) of two things: interface with an iPod / iPhone, or a USB memory stick. The GS3 looks like neither to a stereo.

    I don't know if that's the problem, but I wouldn't be surprised. What does the manual for stereo say about the USB port.
    03-19-2013 08:49 PM
  4. nikluss6's Avatar
    I have a Motorola droid razor model xt907.I spent hours just to figure out how to play a song I bought from Google play(fault 1).Then I spent hours trying to download this song from my online music library(fault 2) only to discover that I can't use my USB connection to listen to this song in my car(fault 3).My girlfriend can in 10 seconds hook up her i-phone to my cars USB connection and hear whatever song she likes.My car also has a male to male aux port but I shouldn't have to hook a cable to the face of my car stereo because I bought this rediculously complex android phone.I could hook up my home stereo to my car using an aux port.I didn't need a smartphone to do that.Although this android is great for watching video it blows for listening to music.The signal from a USB cable is ten times better than a male to male aux cable.In closing I refuse to plug an aux cable in my car stereo when if android made it possible I could use my conveniently located USB port in the arm console of my car like my girlfriend does.This is the advantage the iPhone has over droid it is simple and versatile and the droid is far from it.It also seems to me that having music stored online is a convenient way for a mobile company to withhold your music when the bill is late.Finally,I will never buy another song from Google play for it has been nothing but frustrating.I didn't buy a 35,000 dollar car so I could plug an aux cable to the face of my stereo.I never wanted an iPhone but my droid phone is making it awfully tempting to go with apple.
    05-30-2013 06:59 AM
  5. Lenjamin Waffles's Avatar
    So what did you do to make it play music through the usb?
    06-27-2013 08:09 PM
  6. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    The advantage the iPhone has, in your situation, is less that it's simple than that it is ubiquitous. The USB ports on a great many car stereo systems are designed to work ONLY with iPods and iPhones. That's not Android's fault, it's the fault of car and stereo manufacturers and their inability to see past last year. But it's so much easier to blame your phone than the car you spent $35K on, isn't it?

    As for your struggles playing music downloaded from Google Play, I don't know what to say. I had no problems downloading or playing the very first album I downloaded. Sounds like user error to me. And you can download music you've purchased from the Play store to your device, and your computer. No issues with withholding music because the bill is late. BTW, did you notice Apple is going to offer an online music service, too? As Yoda might say: "Playing catch up with Google, trying they are. Yes!"

    If you need help learning to use your phone, and downloading music, there are many here who will be happy to help you learn. If all you want to do is b**ch, I'd suggest buying an iPhone and going away.
    06-28-2013 07:58 AM
  7. Weazrbmxr's Avatar
    I agree with meyer, my S3 has been rooted forever but has never been recognized by my kenwood deck. But it'll see a crapple device instantly, and i never once thought to blame my phone, it's the deck and i know it. Even a bunch of my car club buddies have top shelf big $$$ stereo decks, and those don't even see our phones, galaxies, droids, notes, etc.... But they see crapple just fine, even ipads. Crapple pays manufacturers to integrate with their products, that's why the market is flooded with them.

    So to get your android phone to play on a car stereo thru usb, look at the deck specs. That's where it all comes down to. The stereo manufacturer. There are more and more stereos coming out that integrate with android, you just have to shop around. I even saw a new kenwood that has an app that'll stream your music to the deck via bluetooth! But if that's still not good enough for you, then go be an isheep!!
    06-28-2013 12:42 PM
  8. Meme Martinez's Avatar
    Easy solution, get a car stereo that has Bluetooth, Wala cordless, it's way better than using any USB or auxiliary, you can even make/answer calls hands free. USB and auxiliary or any cords is of the past and has been for years, you can even sync to your TV or any device that's equipped. iPhone is just a money pit like the Mercedes Benz etc. Just my 2¢
    08-28-2017 09:02 AM

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