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    Signed up for All Access shortly after it was announced. Started finding cool stuff, but before I started adding to My Library I thought, Maybe I should segregate my original/uploaded library, since thats the stuff I know and love, so as to be able to easily shuffle it without getting the new stuff I havent learned yet! My initial attempt was to just add the orig library to a playlist, but then of course discovered the 1k (or 999, whatever it is officially) song limit on playlists; this would mean Id need 10 or 11 playlists for the library, not an attractive option. Thought about setting up a second gmail since it seems like Play Music allows pretty easy switching between users, but a) what a pain, and b) not in the mood to re-upload the 10k plus songs to it.

    Ive gotta think some of you have wanted to do the same thing. Have you come up with any creative workarounds for this?
    06-26-2013 01:11 PM

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