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    I've very recently been plagued with a couple of random problems that have been rather frustrating. I think I may have pin-pointed the root cause but wanted to get some feedback from the ever-helpful forums. I've had the Sprint Galaxy S3 since right around launch day (maybe a couple of weeks until I was in the upgrade window). I've had the phone replaced once about 5 months ago, I fell and cracked up the screen so my Best Buy geek squad came in handy (highly recommend in lieu of the carrier insurance, but I digress). For the last month or so I've used LTE connection as the signal is pretty strong near where I work.

    Very recently I've noticed that I have had intermittent problems with SMS, typically when the message was more than one full text. In some cases the recipient would not receive my entire messages, in others, I wouldn't receive the full message. It's not all the time, it's not all my contacts. Additionally, this afternoon I made a longer call (about 30 minutes, while driving on Bluetooth). I noticed during that call, that any time my phone showed a 4G connection (even with full bars) I could BARELY hear the person on the other side. When it hopped to 3G (still full bars), I was fine. As the call was important, I hung up, switched to CDMA only and rebooted. Everything was fine.

    I guess my question is, has anyone seen anything similar to what I have described above? Is it possible that for some reason the LTE is causing the issue? Any thoughts on a solution (other than leave it in CDMA)? I'm considering a few courses of action, backing up with carbon and hard reset for the phone (hoping to coincide with the OTA for 4.3). I may also just scrap it and buy a Nexus 5. Any and all input is welcome.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance, Jeff
    11-01-2013 06:25 PM

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