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    OK, a little background first. I am running an un-rooted Galaxy S3 that I recently attempted to exchange my 16G SD card over to a 32G size card. I took the advice from the forum and purchased a Samsung 32G class 10 card. My music successfully transferred from the computer to the 16g card via drag drop and sync in Windows Media Player. I transferred over 3800 songs and all played fine on the 16 g card. My music from my ancient CD collection uploaded to Zune by default for years now. It is also good to know that music is mainly coming from Zune (it was either downloaded as the "free" 10 per month and had sync rights) Which is why I'm assuming it worked just fine syncing to my phone and playing on it. So, now...
    I first tried to simply copy and paste using a card reader and the computer to transfer from 16g card to computer then to the new card and noticed when I did it this way it's only transferred certain files and not all of them. I then erased (formatted) the card and tried putting the 32G card directly in my phone and using the data cable to transfer directly that way. The process each time took about an hour to complete and I thought it had worked until I go to play the music. "This file is not supported" comes up on almost every song. 782 out of 3,000 some files transferred successfully. I check the properties and at first I thought it was only wma. files that were the problem but it's not just certain files. Some mp3. work, some don't. Some wma. files work, some don't. I did notice that when I view the files through the stock player on my phone it's putting a number in front of all the songs that aren't working. What is this strange random number? The songs without a number are the ones playing just fine. What gives? I tried to post a screenshot. Please, any insight or similar issues you guys may have had and figured out how to solve would be greatly appreciated.
    I was trying to eliminate my need to keep using my Zune and finally put it to pasture but at this rate, it looks like it's going to remain in my purse Please tell me there is a way to do this without having to reload every. single. song.... one by one.... !!
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    11-02-2013 08:41 AM

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