1. jsparky's Avatar
    I have a stock galaxy s3 and I have been attempting to update after putting it off. I have clicked the "restart and install" and it says rebooting then it goes through the countdown, and ends up with "downloaded and verified" and it doesn't do anything else. I am on wi-fi, i have done the wipe cache partition, i have removed some of my big apps in case i need space although my phone says it has more than 2GB of space left. I am at a loss. I have checked other forums regarding this issue but it seems all the others are modified, mine isn't. Can someone help? Thanks!
    12-24-2013 11:49 AM
  2. GTWalling's Avatar
    How long have you waited for it to install after the reboot. It could take better than a half hour. You may also try updating using Kies connected to your PC via USB.
    12-24-2013 02:07 PM

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