1. steckymc's Avatar
    I had a similar problem awhile ago, the phone would go into a reboot cycle and somehow fixed itself. Earlier when I turned it on it would get upto the Samsung logo with the purple stuff spinning around it and would stop in the middle of it. If I was lucky it would fully boot and the power off menu would start glitching and then the phone would turn off. Now it just vibrates and says Samsung and turns off. I tried using it without a charger, with 2 different chargers and it isn't working. I also tried recovery mode but it still wont fully boot. It is weird because the last time it happened is when it snowed so is it the cold effecting it?
    01-29-2014 02:25 PM
  2. GTWalling's Avatar
    Have you tried taking the battery, SD Card out for about 10 minutes? Will it boot into Download mode?
    01-30-2014 06:36 PM

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