1. Zaktrain's Avatar
    I haven't been able to find an answer on this anywhere so ill ask it here is the untrusted package safe?
    I just got this phone and i don't want to turn it into a paperweight and help will be appreciated
    03-13-2014 10:17 AM
  2. mouseglider's Avatar
    You will probably have to give more information than that for anyone to help you - for starters;

    1) what is the name of the untrusted package?
    2) who is it from?
    03-13-2014 02:36 PM
  3. Zaktrain's Avatar
    it just says untrusted update and i did not pay attention to who its from and while im trying to check its acting like there is no update now
    03-13-2014 06:40 PM

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