1. Jane25's Avatar
    We just purchased a new 2013 Mazda (sat on the lot for over 2 years due to too many dealer addons), and even though I'm able to get out phones into the bluetooth system, the phonebooks from our 2 S3's won't import. My DIL just bought a used 2013 Mazda and her phonebook from her Galaxy S3 went right into her car. I tried using the bluetooth file transfer app, but without success. With our 2009 Ford, everything just automatically syncs without any work- arounds, so I'm stumped. Internet searching indicated that others had this problem (of course, not the iOS) with Mazda. Anyone have an idea I can try? Mazda is absolutely no help.
    03-27-2015 03:12 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Bluetooth is a communications pipe - what goes over it is whatever the manufacturers of the devices at each end decide. Evidently the audio system in your car and the audio system in your DIL's car, or your phones, use a different profile for contacts, so your phone and your audio system aren't compatible, but hers are.

    You can see if Mazda has an update for the audio system, but if not, that's just the way it is. "Bluetooth" doesn't guarantee compatibility any more than "tire" does. It has to be the same data profile being used on Bluetooth (or any other medium - cable, wifi - the medium is not the message) in order for it to work. Saving your contacts as a vcf file and finding that you can't use them in Excel would be the same kind of problem. Your car's audio system doesn't "read" your phone's format.
    03-27-2015 04:09 PM
  3. Jane25's Avatar
    Thanks Rukbat. Mazda is no help at all. I did find it interesting that my DIL and I have identical phones. Her Mazda is an SUV and mine is sedan. Perhaps that why hers worked. Maybe I'll eventually find a work around.
    03-28-2015 10:05 PM

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