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    Just got my newest daily driver and right off the bat the things I like most:
    the device came with earbuds with a mic and remote that sound pretty damn good for some stock HTC earbuds. The device has Beats audio on it that really sets off the sound in a warm way without over doing the bass. Google Music and the stock music sound absolutely amazing in my car with no tweaks. I havent used my Sony cans as of yet but I will most likely write up an earbuds vs cans review soon enough. The quad core is outrageously fast (blows my other phones away). Its really hard to bog this device down while running 9 apps at a time and sync is turned on. While it is light the build quality is exquisite and screams premium engineering from top to bottom. Its got a beautiful 1080p screen. youtube hd and IMDB HQ trailers are stunning over 4G LTE and WIFI. After 24 hours its got decent battery life but the verdicts not out on it. Keep in mind Ive been a busy bee with conference calls and many tasks going on. True weekend use is where I earn my money. Stay tuned to a full robust review on the best Android device I have ever owned
    04-19-2013 01:58 PM

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