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    Woke up last night & my phone was stuck on the 'htc quietly brilliant' startup screen. When I hold down the power button the home and back keys will start to flash but it stays on the same screen. If I hold down the power button while the soft keys are flashing the phone will turn off. I can get to the bootloader menu but if I reboot or power down it does the same thing. All the threads I've read with similar issues have attempted to flash a rom but this phone is 100% stock with a locked bootloader. Sprint is sending me a replacement that I should get tomorrow but as of now I'm not able to access anything on the phone even if I connect it to my PC. I would love to get this thing working or at the very least access my pictures so I can copy them to the new phone. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    05-29-2013 08:03 PM

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