1. theledge#AC's Avatar
    After doing a little research it seems that people who are not residents of japan cannot legally get a voice\data SIM card. They can however get a throw away prepaid phone that does voice AND a data-only SIM card for their separate smart phone that needs to be activated in-country.

    Anyone know a Japanese Prepaid Data SIM card that will work with the sprint variety of the HTC one? I've tried b-mobile prepaid Data-only sim (DoCoMo) to no avail. HTC One is not in their online list of "approved" devises, but i figured id give it a shot anyway because it met the LTE 800 spec.

    Here is a link to their site if you want to take a look around: Supported Devices | b-mobile VISITOR SIM
    01-31-2014 11:32 PM
  2. euncar's Avatar
    Hi there friend, I'm actually hoping to do the same thing with bmobile. Did you ever figure out if it worked or not?
    02-25-2014 05:27 PM

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