1. jhilker's Avatar
    I have All Access in Google Play Music, and use it on both my HTC One and my Nexus 7 2013. I noticed last night that I have gapless playback on my Nexus, regardless of whether the songs are downloaded or not. I also have gapless playback on my laptop, playing from the Web page. My One continues to have a slight gap between songs. Both services are running stock Android 4.4.2. I couldn't find any way to make changes in settings. Any idea how I can get this to work on my One?
    03-20-2014 10:24 PM
  2. dalebert54's Avatar
    just researched this today, and apparently it is the fault of Beats... see this thread. http://forums.androidcentral.com/and...ogle-play.html
    05-14-2014 05:13 PM
  3. Carkid367's Avatar
    I have the same problem with my HK edition M8. But the thing is, it will play gapless in other programs such as Spotify. For some reason, it doesn't want to do that for the Play Music app though.
    05-25-2014 03:31 PM

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