1. AeonZeroX's Avatar
    I'm been searching the forums and in a bit of a crisis. Attempted to try a hard reset to the Sprint HTC ONE, and every thing was running smoothly. Some where while booting back up the phone now refuse to boot period. I'm not sure what is going on. The phone isn't showing any charging LED at all even while plugged in, not responding the PC or doing anything. The phone was fully charged prior to doing a hard reset so I do not understand if the battery just failed or isn't functioning. Hard Reset to the bootloader also does not work. I'm running a stock non-rooted HTC ONE with the latest bits from Sprint. So any help to figuring out what is going on would be great if anyone knows. It was running fine and I have no idea what to do.
    04-12-2014 02:51 PM
  2. ram1220's Avatar
    Try holding the phone under a bright light and holding the power button down for about 5 seconds. I have read where this will sometimes get the phone to boot.
    04-12-2014 03:27 PM
  3. AeonZeroX's Avatar
    Well, now the phone gets to the screen with a large battery bar with the lightning bolt. But its not charging. At least its showing something but its now stuck at that screen. I did try long holding the button under a really bright light. But its still not doing anything yet. Will an RUU fix this like I can't even get it to charge now in-spite of this issue. Its been sitting on the charger for a few hours now.
    04-12-2014 07:07 PM

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