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    I got kitkat and went without an fdr. Everything was fine for a while, decided to do a back up and a fdr though anyway. Well ever since the fdr I can't answer incoming calls.

    The popup doesn't work
    The call screen doesn't work
    The answer button in the notification panel doesn't work.

    I can decline calls fine, but I can't accept them. I have to decline them and then I have to call them back. This is so not fun lol.

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    04-14-2014 04:49 PM
  2. BecomingDeath13's Avatar
    Never mind, one of my backups must have had some rogue effect on my calls.
    I did a triple fdr then deciding against restoring my backups, did everything manually. Such a pain, but my calls appear to be working again.

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    04-15-2014 05:57 PM

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