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    Hey Guys,

    For some reason non of my apps on my phone will read my media files. Stock music, Apollo, MixZing, stock gallery. Even ES File Explorer says I have no media files (photos, music, or videos) from the homepage. Though when I open the file "Music", all my files are there and I can play them, so I don't think they're corrupt.

    I have cleared my cache. I have cleared cache and data from Gallery, Media Storage, Music (both music apps).

    QuickPic does find my photos, all of them. So I'm not sure why non of my music player say that I have no files.

    When I go into MixZing, it says that I have no music files. So I go to the folder with my music in them and I try to play it with MixZing and it doesn't play.

    I did do a recent restore with LG Backup because I'm too lazy to redownload all my apps, and I thought that that could have been the problem. So I deleted everything off my phone and put them back from my pc.

    Still nothing.

    I'm running stock KitKat 4.4.2, Sprint, Rooted.

    Please help I don't like not having tunes!
    04-18-2014 01:06 AM

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