1. Seeker03's Avatar
    Is anyone having a problem downloading the latest update? I keep getting the following from the play store: Zooper Widget Pro could not be downloaded due to an error.{Error retrieving information from server,[RPC:-3] Never had any issue 'till today. Tried clearing cache,un and re-installing and I still get the same message. Help! This is one of my favorite apps. { LG G2 LS980ZVC stock rooted}

    Update: Download worked about 7 hrs after my post. Hope everyone has the same luck I had! Still can't understand what the problem was....
    06-15-2014 02:24 PM
  2. Faxx4840's Avatar
    I have the same problem ! Try also to clear data, cache, change password, remove account... But nothing work ! Hope someone have a solution cause very needed app on my N5.
    06-15-2014 03:10 PM
  3. imdabold1's Avatar
    Glad to hear that I am not the only one with this issue. Stupidly tried uninstalling the app and trying the steps that Faxx outlined without luck. Even worst cannot install the app at all now.
    06-15-2014 03:55 PM
  4. Faxx4840's Avatar
    Post something on xda forum in Themer thread but still no respond ! I was on custom rom and I would like come back to stock, so stupid I am !
    Hope someone can help us...
    06-15-2014 04:33 PM

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