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    I noticed that whenever using data, the top back of the phone kinda by the camera heats up a lot. Killing the data (I use a widget) and just using the cell connection for texts and whatnot don't heat up the phone nearly as much, which makes sense. Looking at the battery usage, Cell Standby always seems to take over the top spot and just having 3G data enabled seems to drain the battery much faster than it should be going.

    Searching around everywhere, people have found remedies for cell standby, such as rebooting and toggling airplane mode to start. There were also similar issues with the Evo, and they found that the phone was set to GSM in the phone info menu after dialing in *#*#4636#*#*. Going into that menu on the Marquee shows you a section to allow you to theoretically set your preferred network type, defaulted to CDMA auto (PRL) for me. It doesn't actually allow you to change this as I've tried changing it to CDMA only and EvDo only and it would always default back to CDMA auto (PRL). Pressing menu and trying to select radio band makes the phone info force close and not come back until you restart the phone.

    I'm wondering if the phone is trying to find a GSM signal and the radio is freaking out. Everyone else's phone I check does not have Cell standby attacking their batteries like it does on my and my sister's Marquee (less than like 10% on a Tmobile Nexus One, Verizon Moto Droid, Sprint HTC Evo Shift VS 40%+ on the 2 Marquees I just got). If this is whats going on with all of the phones they released then it might be the way to really extend the battery life of the Marquee.

    TL;DR go to Settings > About phone > Battery use. Is cell standby whats killing the battery? If so how do we fix it? And can we disable GSM altogether?
    10-20-2011 08:45 PM