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    I would like to make an unbrick guide for this phone.
    I have done this before for the Optimus M Plus (MetroPCS) I don't own that phone and I unbricked some phones over the internet.

    You may or may not know this, I made the unbrick guide for the Optimus V (Virgin Mobile) and I fixed borked firmware that would not flash to flash with KP500. I own this phone though so I was able to test stuff faster.

    You must know this:
    How to get into software download mode (aka Emergency Mode)

    And you must have drivers installed.

    PM me if you are interested in testing.
    I do not recommend testing if you are not bricked.

    If you are not bricked and are interested in testing be aware that you COULD lose MIN (aka MSID/IMSI) and you will need to call Boost/Sprint to get that number. So write down all important numbers into a notepad (.txt) file.

    The notepad file should include:
    MDN (If you don't know your cell #....)
    SPC/MSL code

    Any testers interested need to download this program:
    Teamviewer and then open it, send me a PM saying you want to test for further instructions. Your computer will be controlled, I either need an actual Marquee to extract files more or I have to control a PC that has a Marquee connected. That's why I will have to teamview your computer. Other programs will most likely get installed as well.
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    07-27-2012 01:22 PM
  2. Daniel Macpherson's Avatar
    hi my name is Dan i bricked my ls855 lg marquee trying to root it stuck in upgrade scrteen im ready to throw it away please help[
    05-02-2013 11:12 PM
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    My Boost Mobile LG Marquee Is Bricked LG855ZV4 I Would Like To Try Unbrick Method Thank You In Advance Hope I Posted This In Proper Section
    10-22-2013 12:16 AM