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    In the standard camera program, after starting it and seeing the viewfinder I have a sliding bar with icons on bottom left.When switching to the video mode the fourth icon looks like a piece of film. Pressing that reveals 4 options: normal mode, video mms, slow motion, and time lapse. For me all work as they should but "slow motion." When I press this I get a message in the top left "HD 60fps." I can record just fine, but the result is real time not slow motion. Has anyone else got this problem? I called Motorola today and after talking to 2 people got no useful input. The second tech went to go find their Photon Q to look at what I was talking about and it wasn't even upgraded to the latest over the air update software( 77.8.10.XT897.Sprint.en.US ) and had no slow motion entry. Does ayone else have this problem? Please do a simple test I am beginning to think no one else has this entry! Thanks!
    11-20-2012 09:30 PM

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