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    So I just thought I would let everyone know of a project I just finished. It wasn't much of a project since it only took me about 10 minutes but oh well. If there has already been a post about this, I'm sorry but I never found it when I was trying to find out about docks for my Nexus S 4G.

    I once owned a Samsung Epic 4G (of the Galaxy S, not GSII) and now I own a Nexus S 4G (I also own a Photon 4G but that has nothing to do with this post...). When I got my Epic, I also purchased the Samsung brand home and car docks for them. I liked the Car dock especially since it charges the phone while its in it.

    Now that I own a Nexus S 4G, I went to buy the car dock for it and was rather bothered when I found out it doesn't have built-in charging. Yes, I know I could simply plug a cable into the phone while its in the charger but I wanted what my Epic had. So... I modified my Epic 4G dock to fit my Nexus S.

    Here is how I did it:
    1. Buy or own the Samsung Epic 4G Car Dock

    2. Buy or own a Rotary Dremel or some other kind of high speed sander that has a tip < 1/2" in diameter.
    I used this 1/4" Dremel Tip on a Dremel Stylus.

    3. If you look at the dock's face closely, you will see a nice cut out for the Epic's camera. Essentially what we're going to do is enlarge that cut out to extend out to the three sides its closest to by sanding the surrounding plastic down. Don't go too far since you will likely sand right through the dock and break it.

    It starts out looking like this:
    Attachment 18959

    It will end up looking something like this:
    Attachment 18960

    The Nexus S 4G in the Dock:
    Attachment 18957

    The Epic 4G in the same Dock (to prove it still works for it, this is my wife's Epic):
    Attachment 18958

    SPECIAL NOTE: Yes, it charges the phone. No, the audio port in the back doesn't work (at least with the stock kernel and the CyanogenMod 7's kernel)

    My next modification is to make holes for the speaker and the camera...
    12-15-2011 12:37 AM

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