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    hey guys. I am relatively new to this forum and rooting. However with the help of Beezy and many others in a separate thread, I was able to successful lily flash ics to my nexus s. In short, it is awesome.

    I am making this thread because I am wondering if anyone has found a good kernel to go in tandem with an pics rom, or good kernels for the nexus s 4g period. Battery life is main priority for me as performance on this rom is exemplary for me.

    Also when I flash a kernel , do I just need to boot into clockwork mod and install the zip and reboot or is there more to it thanks for all the help I appreciate it.
    12-23-2011 10:02 AM
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    There are some kernels that will work but idk which. I have a test kernel I'm using with the aosp breezy build. If u find a kernel you simply boot into recovery and flash the kernel and reboot. Its simple and I'm sure you will be seeing a kernel or 2 soon.

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    12-23-2011 11:31 AM
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    Try mathkids matrix v13. Its hella tweakable, there's a bfs, and cfs version available, its fast, reliable and over all just bad ***. There's also a glados kernel that is just as good. The thing about kernels, is that they can both be great for some people, and not so good for others. I would suggest reading up on the apps, "voodoo color", and nstools from the market. They're both great tools that can really give u some added options. Be careful tho. Flash at your own risk. When u flash the kernel, wipe at least the dalvik. I use a wipe all script and flash it w the rom. Good luck and have fun

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    12-24-2011 05:24 PM
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    I'd run the new one that's posted in the thread with tweaks added to it. If you want great battery get set cpu and clock the kernel in my thread down to 800 and you won't notice any difference in speed with normal everyday use. If you want to OC and have all the extra stuff I would test out all the kernels till you find the most stable one that works best for you.
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    12-24-2011 06:22 PM