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    I bought a Samsung Nexus S flashed to Boost off eBay that has a boost account on it already. I have my own Boost shrinkage account at $40 a month on a flashed sprint 8330a. I lookad at the Nexus boost account on boostmobile.com and it has a MEID/ESN# for a Sanyo Incognito. So I called Boost, hit 88, amd started to try and "phone swap" the nexus onto my account at $40 a month. Gave the guy the MEID/ESN, then he asked me to hit ##967078#. I did this and nothing happened on the nexus, but he said i should get a message. We did it a couple more times and nothing. Then he said that the whole system there had crashed and that i had to call back in an hour. And now i have no phone at all. Called back and 88 doesnt work. I believe im stuck in the middle of 2 phones here. What the cuss am i supposed to do about the ##967078# not working? Also, I didnt activate the 8330 on Boost myself, the guy i bought it from did, and I dont believe the ##00000# works on the 8330 either. Am I screwed? What do i do here? If I call back what do I say? The Nexus is awesome and i want to use it on boost but I dont know how to activate it. Im only guessing, but im pretty sure there is no blog with an answer for me..... Please help...
    12-23-2011 08:35 PM
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    Hi. Sorry you're having problems, but we can't discuss things like invalid or swapped ESN numbers here. I wish you luck, but we have to stay on the right side of the law.
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    12-23-2011 11:43 PM