1. lyingfromyou's Avatar
    I Am Using The Gummy-Crespo4g-100 Release. So Far It's A Pretty Solid Rom! I Recieved A Text Message The Other Day That Had No Sender And The Message Contained Jibberish. Has Anyone Had Anything Happen Like This?? The Only Solutions I Can Think Of Is Either A Friend Messing Around, A Bug In The Rom, Or Possibly But Not Likely Being Hacked... I Don't Install A Whole Lot On My Phone. When I Do, I Try To Make Sure The App Is Legit.

    Screen Caps Below

    04-20-2012 07:54 AM
  2. mtnfox's Avatar
    I am currently stock (and my wife is also) and we both got the same kind of message. I passed it off as spam.
    04-20-2012 09:42 AM
  3. the727kid's Avatar
    I got it as well. Just ignored it. I also been getting texts from emails.
    04-20-2012 11:30 AM
  4. jeffreynothing43's Avatar
    I got one too...on Codename
    04-20-2012 02:34 PM
  5. lyingfromyou's Avatar
    Thanks Guys! That Makes Sense Also... Still Wondering How It Came Through With No Sender.
    04-20-2012 07:07 PM
  6. strra's Avatar
    yep i got it too on slim ics
    guessing it's not a ROM thing but something carrier side
    04-20-2012 11:53 PM
  7. Paul627g's Avatar
    Yep got one here too... Just ignored and deleted.. Obviously a burp in Sprint's msging system.
    04-21-2012 11:22 AM
  8. dedeandmaddog's Avatar
    I got one too...figured it was SkyNet starting to take control.
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    04-21-2012 01:34 PM
  9. miarwi's Avatar
    I have received two lately. I was kinda worried at first then assumed it was spam as well. I've had a few other weird things happen lately. At least I have one mystery solved. Thanks!
    04-22-2012 12:54 AM