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    For all people using the Nexus S 4g (NS4g) that cant get Back light notification (BLN) Working this is what I have done for it to work.

    You must be rooted and must flash Netarchy Kernel for the 2.3.4. Im using 1.3.2
    CFS Stock. I am also on the Stock Rom.

    First of all you should be able to use any version of the BLN Control APP. Do not try and use the "Test Section" of the BLN Control APP because it will not work and it will discourage you lol.

    If you want a quick test just go to "Activate BLN" on the BLN Control APP and then close the app. Press the power button on your phone so that the screen is off. Go on your home computer and send your self an email to your Gmail. Once you receive the email your lights should glow (Blink if you have the Pro Version)

    Now if you are using the Stock SMS app just turn your notifications on and as long as the screen is off when you receive your notification your lights should glow (Blink if you have the Pro Version)

    If you are using another SMS program such as Handcent of GO SMS there are some options you will need to tweak.

    I am using GO SMS. GO to settings, Notification Settings, enable notifications and then go to default notification settings, under screen settings UNCHECK where it says SCREEN ON.

    Then go down to LED Settings. Make sure BLINK LED is checked. You also may want to enable reminders just in case you turn your screen on.

    NEGATIVES ABOUT THIS MOD: Once the screen is turned on the glow or blinking will stop until you get another notification. Also if your screen was already on when you receive your notification it will not blink or glow when your screen automatically turns off. Also if you have another notification in another program that turns on the screen your glow will not work. Keep these in mind.

    If anyone knows how to fix these issues please let me know.
    05-20-2011 12:41 PM