1. karatechess's Avatar
    So as I've mentioned a few times before I have the occasional problem of my touchscreen not working consistently on the keyboard. It's usually around the letter "t" on the keyboard, however, it is liable to happen anywhere. It was just a minor issue, but once the update came around it's happening more and more often, and I even missed a call because the touchscreen stopped responding. Is this a problem for anyone else? And should I take it back to the Sprint store and see if they can do anything about it? I hate going to Sprint for anything seeing as I can fix most problems, but I see no solution for this elsewhere. Any advice? And is this happening to anyone else after the 2.3.5 update?
    07-31-2011 11:09 PM
  2. enik's Avatar
    This actually fixed that problem for me lol. Sorry to hear its still happening to ya.

    From Nexus with love
    08-01-2011 07:56 AM