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    Hi all,

    I received the OTA update on my Nexus S (Non-rooted) and it proceeded with downloading/installing the update. Prior, in 2.3.4, notification worked like expected. However, after receiving the update only Gmail automatically pushes. Facebook is set to refresh every hour, Seesmic every 2 hours, and I am not receiving these notifications. Google+ also does not notify me even after updating the app last night.

    If I open the app, it manually refreshes and then leads to a notification in the respective app but not on the notification bar. Background data and auto syn are enabled, each app has backgrounds notifications selected but they are not notifying my in the notifications bar or by sound.

    Any suggestions other than factory reset? Or any known apps that might affect this issue at a system wide level? (Words with friends, or other apps from the market????)

    Thank you
    08-03-2011 03:19 PM
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    Well Facebook notifications have never worked, and when they did it was here and there. Sounds to me the file system is all wonky. A factory reset will probably resolve these issues.
    08-03-2011 03:55 PM
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    Bumping this topic because I still have not found a solution. I have done a factory reset but the only things that work are Google Talk, Messenger (Facebook), and replies on Twitter for Android. I am not rooted.

    Google + does not automatically update, facebook notifications for comments do not work even if the refresh interval is set to 1 hour, and Words with Friends does not notify me either.

    Have other users had notifications work intermittently on some of these apps? Mine just have never worked since the 2.3.5 update. Hopefully the new build (2.3.7) will fix things.
    09-21-2011 11:26 AM
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    Words with friends rarely worked for me. Facebook, almost never so I use Friendcaster and it works perfectly. Seesmic hasn't had an update in a while, maybe facebook has change how notifications work and seesmic hasn't updated. As we all know, facebook is changing more and more (even more tomorrow) , who can keep up. Google+ always seemed to work for me. At times it would get goofy, but now I just have all notifications from everything run through my email so its only one thing syncing.

    Side note, do you ever have grayed out wifi/4g/3g logos? I seem to lose connection to Google's server and will not receive updates until they turn green again. Just a thought.

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    09-22-2011 01:36 AM

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