1. drewsonian's Avatar
    I've had a problem for a couple of weeks that's really annoying - my proximity sensor doesn't seem to work when I am on a call. The screen doesn't turn off when I'm on a call. I thought it could be my screen protector, but isn't the proximity sensor the small two little holes on the top left of the front next to the speaker? The screen protector doesn't cover that part.

    Anyone else having this issue? Or have any suggestions? I've searched for posts on this and haven't seen a thing here or on Google. I've also restarted several times and no change.

    08-13-2011 04:32 PM
  2. chud's Avatar
    Have you tried returning it?
    08-13-2011 04:33 PM
  3. drewsonian's Avatar
    Have you tried returning it?
    I could, but wanted to see if it was something that some else had an issue with or I could fix through a software setting, since I think it started right around the last update to GRJ90.
    08-13-2011 04:38 PM
  4. masterchief2124's Avatar
    I've noticed the same thing. I regularly mute people while in the middle of a conversation. I've found if I just hit the power button the screen will usually stay off until the call ends. Frustrating, but not a deal breaker. I assume it will be resolved with a future update.
    08-16-2011 10:32 AM
  5. chud's Avatar
    I wouldn't hold my breath for an update on this one. I haven't seen nearly enough people complaining about it. I'd seriously just look to exchanging the device.
    08-16-2011 10:48 AM
  6. masterchief2124's Avatar
    I'm not that worried about it. Even if it never gets addressed, it's sporadic and I've had the same issue on multiple phones. Everything else about my Nexus keeps me happy enough that I'm willing to overlook a minor issue like this. I just hope the OP feels the same.
    08-16-2011 10:55 AM
  7. drewsonian's Avatar
    Well, my issue was consistent and I accidentally conferenced in my company's main line while on a call, so my caller heard "Thank you for calling... " in the middle of a conversation...

    Suffice to say, I took it back in, paid the $35 repair fee and the Sprint store unplugged and replugged in the proximity sensor... and bricked the phone!!! It will load to the X loading screen and never gets beyond that. I tried to figure out how to mess with the bootloader and use recovery, but I kept getting the white triangle with the android character, so Sprint ordered me a replacement unit that is in at the store - I'm going to pick it up soon.

    I wonder if they'll let me keep the old phone (doubt it)...

    Edit: just wondering about keeping the old phone because the geek in me thinks I could mess with it and reflash it or something, but I don't know enough about rooting/flashing/etc to know whether that's possible without having the phone fully booted first.
    08-16-2011 02:28 PM
  8. chud's Avatar
    im sure you could resurrect the bricked one, but id be beyond surprised if they let you keep it.
    08-16-2011 02:42 PM
  9. drewsonian's Avatar
    Well they didn't let me keep the old one, not surprised, but I did have a two hour fiasco at Sprint while they activated the new Nexus, which wouldn't activate, then put me on my backup blackberry, then switched it out again because the internet on the bb wouldn't provision and then they finally found out after 3-4 calls to their tech support hotline that provisioning services for Sprint were down and I'd have to activate my Nexus after they came back online at home...

    So, it eventually activated tonight and the proximity sensor works and everything is back to normal. Now I just have to put all of my settings in again, shortcuts, widgets, etc, since the integrated backup didn't seem to work...
    08-16-2011 11:40 PM