1. un_designer's Avatar
    I have a very specific behavior that I am trying to get working on a NS4G, that doesn't seem like it's possible. I am hoping that I am doing something incorrectly and that someone can help.

    I have a unique notification sound set up for SMS, each of my 5 email accounts, and each of my Instant Messenger account. This setup allows me to know exactly what is coming in and where it is coming from.

    I also have NoLED set up to notify me of all of the above, so that if I am away from my phone and come back, I can see what I've missed.

    The problem that I am running into is that NoLED seems to have overridden the sound notification! So, if I have the phone in my pocket and I get an SMS or email or Instant Message... I have no way of knowing any of those came in. Is this for real? I must be doing something wrong... I seriously hope that this is user-error on my part. I see that there is a setting in NoLED for audio notification, but it is not per account nor it is per notification-type. I can't and don't want the same notification sound for everything. That's why I had it set up the way I do in the first place.

    08-14-2011 11:32 AM