1. carysb7478's Avatar
    I've got an Audi S4 with factory bluetooth (retrofit that I installed). I've had this BT setup for about 4-5 years now, and it's worked perfectly on a slew of Palm Treo's and most recently a Pre that I have owned.

    My Nexus S 4g seems to pair just fine, but it will only hold the connection for about 30 seconds before it drops. Then it will pair back up again, only to drop again and repeat in a continuous pairing - dropping cycle. If I place a call while it is paired, the call routes just fine through the BT setup, but then of course drops the connection and it goes to just the phone speaker once the BT connection drops. I'm really at a loss as to what could be causing this, as all my previous phones have worked like a charm.

    Any help much appreciated- thanks!
    08-22-2011 03:27 PM
  2. AndroidOne's Avatar
    Never had this problem with my Nexus ~ not even with the Optimus S which has poor BT implementation, when it pairs it works well. I have three vehicles at home (different brands) and my Nexus pair with each one when needed with no problems or hiccups.

    Seems to me either the phone or the car's BT may not be working correctly. Have you used any other BT devices with the Nexus? Do you have similar problems with those devices as well?

    As always, a factory reset is a good step in troubleshooting these issues to exclude the possibility of some app causing the problem. If your phone continues to have BT connectivity issues with your car and other BT devices after a factory reset, I would strongly suspect you have a defective Nexus and if possible you may want to exchange it for another.

    If your phone connects well other BT devices (or cars) but not to your car, there may be a compatibility issue, specially if your car BT unit is that old.
    08-22-2011 07:24 PM