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    Hello fellow NS4G lovers..
    My wife and I recently switched from two Palm Pres to two Nexus Ss. Overall, I don't miss WebOS at all... this thing rocks.

    However, one thing that started happening as soon as we switched: I am not receiving some of the texts she sends me. Two of the times I know it's happened, she was at our house, which is in a not-so-great coverage area. (3G if you stand outside, but lucky if you get anything inside.) And I was at work.
    I wouldn't normally have posted this in the NS4G forum, but this didn't happen on the Pre... so it *seems* to be hardware related. Unless there's some setting I'm missing? Data roaming? Home-only/Automatic? A PRL update? (I tried that yesterday, so we'll see if it helps.) We were on Sprint before, and are still on Sprint.

    A side note -- after I missed a sort-of important text from her last week, we decided to just stick with gTalk for more important messages.. but then, I didn't receive one of her gTalk messages! What's up with that? The missing message shows as sent on her phone, but has not shown up on mine, and is not in the chat history (on the web version (gmail chat)). Could this be related? That one was also sent from home, where we have Wi-fi, so... not sure what the deal is there.

    Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing, specifically on the Nexus S? Or in general, and have any advice on settings to check, etc.?

    Thank you!
    09-13-2011 03:19 PM
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    I think it's a Sprint thing. I have a friend on an EVO and some of her messages to aren't being delivered for a few days and some of mine aren't getting to folks I know for a few days (I have a Nexus S4G).

    The only similar factor - Sprint.
    09-13-2011 04:46 PM
  3. dizzwave's Avatar
    So annoying. That's what I get for relying on technology..

    I figured it had to do with Sprint, but..still, I wonder why it wasn't happening on our Sprint Pres...
    09-14-2011 11:38 AM

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