1. evoldroid's Avatar
    Whats up with sprint and nfl games being streamed ?? How can they not pick up there game and give verizon a run for there money.I see all these commercials about watching games on your phone LIVE from verizon.But nothing from sprint WAKE UP sprint football is not a new sport get on the damn bus lol.Ok Well thats all i have to say coors lights made me do it lol
    11-06-2011 03:47 PM
  2. StealthTH's Avatar
    Verizon has an exclusive contract with the NFL
    11-06-2011 04:01 PM
  3. cgb77's Avatar
    Sprint lost the NFL license to Verizon last year
    11-06-2011 11:05 PM
  4. alpinejag's Avatar
    Sprint had the contract for a few years but lost it to Verizon last year. Verizon doubled the amount over Sprint with what they were willing to pay, 750 million.
    11-07-2011 08:26 AM
  5. BrianDigital's Avatar
    Hopefully the NFL will relieze they have a brand sooner or later and put a app out like MLB does smh at the NFL.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Verizon users now have to pay for the service

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    11-09-2011 08:36 PM
  6. nuwave22's Avatar
    No its still free

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    11-09-2011 08:39 PM