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    I have the Samsung Nexus S with GB 2.3.7 and all I want to do is share my PC internet with my phone via USB. I have looked into Connectify but that still uses a wireless or Ethernet connection. I do not have a wireless router the idea of having to get a wireless card or any router in general totally defeats the purpose for wanting to use USB.

    I know this can be done as the HTC Sync software allows the HTC Desire to do just that, it shares the PC's internet with your phone via USB; its called Internet Passthrough. I was told also that the Galaxy allows you to do this also. Its frustrating to run into the same responses of "you cannot do that" "you can only do that in ad-hoc" "get a wireless router/card" "you can do that with bluetooth" etc., that people seem to be getting from the same place and just repeating misinformation.

    I hope someone can tell me how to do this or at least really explain to me why we cannot, as if this is based off of the Linux OS you can do this on Linux as with Windows
    11-09-2011 07:55 PM