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    After not being too impressed with my EVO 3D, or rather, hating sense and the other garbage HTC puts on there that runs the battery down,causes lag, and just ruins the experience.. coupled with the still lack of a good AOSP ROM for the 3D, I decided to pick up the Nexus S 4G.

    I previously had a Nexus One, so I knew what I was missing once I had the 3D for a while, and I also knew what I was "gaining" IMO from going back to the S.

    But so far I only have these "issues" with the phone and I'm wondering if there's anything I'm missing before I go to sell it:

    - Resolution is a little lower vs the qHD 3D. I'll probably get used to it in a week, just like I got used to it going from N1->3D
    - I notice the Pentile matrix but eh, it's not that big of a deal honestly. I love the blacks and colors over the LCD
    - Storage space is locked to 16GB, but I checked what I actually used without wasted stuff and it was only about 14 and as of now I have about 2GB free
    - No notification light. I thought I'd miss it but eh, there's more in life to worry about than hitting a power button once in a while
    - Cheapish feel, but honestly it feels much better than I ever thought it would

    There's a couple things missing from the 3D, such as dual-core and the 3D camera, but the regular camera is better and the processor on the NS seems better than even the dualie on the 3D.

    I see people complain about signal strength, but the 3D was up and down and honestly I think the 3D signal blows and has been more unstable than the NS so far.

    And then there's tons of positives.

    Am I missing any negatives? The ones I've listed are all I really see AND none are dealbreakers. The only negative I can really see is somehow ICS chokes on the NS and screams on the 3D. But that's assuming it won't be ruined by HTC (it will) and even today I have major lag in apps that use the SD card (it's a class 10, so speed is not the issue).
    11-15-2011 09:57 AM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    Well seeing how you talk about AOSP and other stuff on the EVO 3D then your probably no stranger to rooting...

    Rooting the NS4G will resolve many of your issues or downsides to the NS4G.

    No notifications... Root and custom kernels support what is called BLN (Back light notification) basically you grab that app from the Market and it flashes/turns on the 4 row capactive buttons to take the place of NO LED.

    Colors on the display.. Again.. custom kernel... They support Voodoo Sound/Color... Download the Voodoo app and hit the following thread to tweak your colors and really bring out the colors in your AMOLED display.
    VOODOO colors - "best settings is here" (credit xda developers)

    Storage... Well thats a bit harder but you got Google Cloud, dropbox which can be handy for moving things on and off your device at a pinch....

    Feels cheep but I've already dumped mine on the floor a ton of times and its all good. Rolls around in my pocket with my keys and stuff, no case or screen protector.. Again all good...

    Camera, well I can't resolve that... Camera is a bit of a bummer on the NS4G, no user selectable zoom... But thats why they have affordable pocket cameras now that blow the doors off any smartphone camera/video right?

    I think for the AOSP experience and rooting options if your the rooting type then its a win win situation... Plus you will be rolling on official ICS before long.
    11-15-2011 11:00 AM
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    I night mine as a replacement to the optimus a and i've gotta say I think the signal "issues" are over rated. The bar display is alittle flaky but I run the text display anyway and power levels are similar to my last phone and no connectivity issues.

    After a week I can't really find any problems with the phone it screams the display is great and the camera shots nice crisp and fast. No zoom kinda sucks but every phone i've ever looked at was only software zoom anyway. And if I really want I can crop the picture later and accomplish the same thing.
    11-15-2011 12:29 PM
  4. Saneless's Avatar
    "Camera, well I can't resolve that... Camera is a bit of a bummer on the NS4G, no user selectable zoom... But thats why they have affordable pocket cameras now that blow the doors off any smartphone camera/video right?"

    Like 86 points out, I don't like software zoom either. And compared to the POS camera on the 3D, which might be the worst camera I've had on a phone since my Blackberry Pearl, the Nexus's camera is quite decent for quality of shots. The 3D (in 2D mode) had a perfect picture in view, but then had a delay and then it blurred it. It's impossible to take pics of a 2 year old with that camera. Every picture I have of my daughter with my EVO 3D looks like I blurred out her face to protect her.
    11-15-2011 12:59 PM