1. Eazy123's Avatar
    This issue seems to have started after I installed Pulse, but I'm not 100% sure, so while I'm going to uninstall Pulse, I'm wondering if anyone else had the problem and found out it was related (or related to something completely different).

    Sometimes it seems for no reason at all, my phone will be stuck on the main home screen. I can open any apps on that screen or open the drawer/make a phone call, but I cannot swipe left or right a screen at all. I actually have to reboot my phone. This has happened a couple of times now in the last 2-3 days and it's aggravating. Has anyone else had this problem?
    12-19-2011 10:17 PM
  2. ashakouri1's Avatar
    I just got the Nexus S 4G, got a refurb one coming from an EVO. I have the same issue, the screen freezes and I can't do anything to make it swipe left or right.

    Sometimes it won't even register my touches on the screen. I don't know if I got a bad unit or if this is common.
    12-22-2011 01:09 AM
  3. jalba3's Avatar
    Stock NS4G and I've had this happen to me several times. The launcher itself is what freezes. It won't recognize any input but if I'm in an application it works just fine. A simple restart fixes the issue for me, however it became more frequent. This caused me to switch over to a different launcher. I went with Launcher Pro, but any other one should be fine. Try a new launcher for a couple of days and see if that takes care of the issue.
    12-22-2011 10:13 PM