1. ryandc89's Avatar
    Is there anyway I can use my sprint Samsung nexus S 4G to connect to Xbox live?
    01-26-2012 05:28 AM
  2. itsrayray's Avatar
    I wifi tether to my laptop and run a Ethernet cable from it to the Xbox. I run modern warfare 2 multiplayer perfect off my 3g. On a average uses about 6 to 8mb per hour. I don't download nothing off there though.

    I have windows 7 and just bridge my wifi connection and my local LAN for it to work. On the Xbox itself if u test connection and come up with a ping error, that is normal. But just sign in anyway and it will work.

    Hope this helps. I don't know if u can wifi tether to the Xbox itself as i do not have a wifi adapter.

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    01-26-2012 05:56 AM
  3. vincentallen2's Avatar
    Its definitely possible to use wifi tether for Xbox 360, there's TONS of videos of this YouTube. Type in "android root Xbox 360 wifi tether" the root is optional though
    01-26-2012 11:00 AM
  4. gadgetdaddy's Avatar
    I saw a person using it WiFi tether to it. It does work and is possible.
    01-29-2012 10:48 AM