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    I feel like something of a dolt asking this. But, since I can't seem to figure it out. Where do I find the "Recent Apps" button. I have an Asus Transformer with Ice Cream Sandwich and the recent apps are pretty much in the same place as they should be. However, on my Nexus S 4G, I don't seem to have a button for it. I have 4 buttons on the bottom of my phone... Back, Search, Home, and one that is four little lines that brings up a drop down to select Wallpaper, Manage apps, System settings, Help. That's it. Everything I see seems to indicate I should have 3 buttons on the bottom... Back, Recent Apps, and Home. This is driving me nuts.

    I just picked up my Nexus yesterday after I had seen that the ICS update was rolling out. I don't know what version it came with, but the first update I got was 2.3.5. Right after that, I got the ICS update (I was happy about that as it doesn't seem that it's had a wide roll out yet). I was coming from a Palm Pr (I'm going to miss my Touchstone charger!). I'm loving the phone. The sales rep at Sprint through me for a bit of a loop. First he told me the new Galaxy Nexus was coming out and I might want to wait for that. I actually thought it was already out... but I wasn't interested in it only because of its size. He went and got my phone and told me it was the last one. I said "Oh, maybe sales have picked up since ICS was being rolled out now". He told me the phone was not upgradable to ICS because of the processor. So I told him that the news that the update was rolling out was all over the tech news. Then he told me that it wouldn't get the full version. I asked him what the difference was and he said he didn't know because he hadn't seen the full version. I'm guessing he just didn't have a clue what he was talking about.

    Anyway... if anyone can help my find the "Recent Apps" button, I'd be super happy. I guess it's not a major deal, it's just driving me wacko that everything I could find seems to be pretty clear that it should be right there at the bottom (in the same place where it is on my Transformer).

    04-11-2012 06:46 AM
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    hold the bottom right home button for a couple of seconds and your recent apps will pop up
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    04-11-2012 07:20 AM
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    Thanks kjparfekt !
    04-11-2012 07:30 AM
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    hold the bottom right home button for a couple of seconds and your recent apps will pop up
    Thank You!!!!!!!!
    06-12-2015 09:03 PM